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 - Use a reputable water repellent for weatherproofing or to protect your DEWULFs from spills such as hot chocolate or juices.

- Dust off your dry DE WULFs with a soft brush.

-Gently clean your DE WULFs with a damp cloth if stained with liquids. 

- If wet or muddy, first dry your DE WULF’s stuffing them with newspaper or paper towels and place them in a cool, ventilated area with no direct sunlight. Once dry, clean them as directed above. 

- Kindly DO NOT put your DE WULF’s in a washer or dryer and DO NOT apply soap or chemicals to them other than reputable water repellents.

- Store your DE WULFs in a ventilated area and away from direct sunlight.

Size Guide
 It is completely ok if the shoes feels tight at first as the Nubuk leather will stretch and mold around the feet for great comfort within a few short days.
We suggest trying on your shoes indoors to make sure they fit and are to your liking before wearing them outside.
Feel free to call us with any questions regarding sizing - (414) 272-1266.