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Our shoes are an invitation to dress in an authentic, natural and casual way.

The DE WULF combination of timeless, unassuming elegance and comfort fits in the city and in the country, at work, at school or travels around the world.

With Brazilian craftsmanship, French design and American standard of quality, the DE WULF boots are made with genuine leather and natural latex rubber.

The simplicity that marks the essence of the DE WULF products is also reflected in their fair price both for suppliers and consumers.

DE WULF. Essentials for everyone, everyday, everywhere. 

The birth of DE WULF

The idea for DE WULF was born in 2016 when founder, Bernard De Wulf, noticed the impact of his now 10-year old daughter Brazilian leather boots. When she started school, friends started asking to buy the same boots. Mothers and fathers were soon asking for adult sizes, leading Bernard to think there was an opportunity in the U.S. for products of genuine leather and traditional craftsmanship quality for an affordable price.

To develop the shoes, Bernard went back to Brazil, and researched factories that could manufacture the traditional cowboy boots with an edited design and upgraded quality. It took him months redesigning, remodeling, cutting, sewing, testing, and proofing the DE WULF very first models. 

“Everywhere I go… people complimenting me on the shoes… I’m like a DE WULF.” – Joni

“I really like the style and comfort of these shoes.” – Jeff

“I’ve gotten tons of compliments everywhere I’ve gone!” – Jacqueline

“Wanna give a shout out to bedewulf for these AMAZING comfortable good looking boots! My girl has worn these for MILES and wears them with her skirts and shorts and pants. She wants to wear them with her pajamas but I have to draw the line somewhere! Can't wait to get more!” - Nicole


Size Guide
 It is completely ok if the shoes feels tight at first as the Nubuk leather will stretch and mold around the feet for great comfort within a few short days.
We suggest trying on your shoes indoors to make sure they fit and are to your liking before wearing them outside.
Feel free to call us with any questions regarding sizing - (414) 272-1266.