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How to Wear Chelsea Boots

July 19, 2018

Chelsea boots are designed with elegance, practicality, and comfort in mind. They are an easy on and easy off ankle boot, with no laces. Elastic bands on the sides secure the Chelsea boots around your feet. 

They were originally designed by the shoemaker of Queen Victoria. He made two pairs for her, which she began to wear every day. The origin of the Chelsea boot name comes from the fact that these boots were originally made in the rather fancy Chelsea area of London.  

The Chelsea boots style of shoes became very popular in the ’50s and ‘60s with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. However, they have never really gone out of style and celebrities like David Beckham, Kanye West, Julia Roberts, and Harry Styles (to name a few) have been seen wearing them too.

The Beatles Chelsea Boots men

Chelsea boots have become a wardrobe must-have, essential for everyone. Thanks to their simple design and timeless shape, a Chelsea boots outfit can be an easy look for any type of situation; Chelsea boots go well with dress pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. Definitely, these shoes are an excellent choice whether you are looking for a casual, casual-dress, or a semi-formal look. 

In addition to being very versatile in your wardrobe, Chelsea boots are perfect for any season as they can be worn in summer, winter, spring, and fall. 

In case you own a pair of Chelsea boots or are looking to find the perfect one, we are going to present you different options on how to style a “rocking” Chelsea boots outfit look, so you can wear these timeless boots in style. 


Tips for Him


Chelsea boots can be easily combined to obtain a casual look and can be a great alternative to traditional sneakers. Try combining a pair of brown, light brown or grey Chelsea boots and jeans, and a casual t-shirt. A simple, practical and easy outfit, perfect to go out with friends, on a date, run errands, or wear on the weekend. 

chelsea boots genuine leather


If you think that Chelsea boots are only for your weekend casual look, you should think again. These boots can definitely be worn with a business casual outfit. You can find the right balance such as brown or black Chelsea boots with skinny black slim pants, a white t-shirt or black t-shirt and a blazer or jacket; or brown Chelsea boots with slim pair khaki chinos, a white t-shirt, and a blazer. Give your outfit the classic level of elegance and go for the classic plain, neutral colors.  And, do not forget that the Chelsea boots outfit choices are limitless! Play and explore the look you feel most comfortable in. 

genuine leather chelsea boots men black


Tips for Her


With a small dose of inspiration, you can find dozens of stylish and fashionable ways to wear your Chelsea boots. You can wear them with shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, and pants. A cute Chelsea boots outfit to wear anywhere would be light grey, tan, brown, or black Chelsea boots with skinny jeans or shorts, and a plain t-shirt or blouse. Always remember that if you want your outfit to look better, the Chelsea boots should be visible (if you wear l1ong pants, you can roll them up).

chelsea boots genuine leather women shorts


Sometimes getting dressed for work can be a real struggle; you want to dress formal but not too formal and casual but not too casual. To find that outfit in-between you can dress in black slim jeans or a skirt, a blouse, a blazer, and a pair of black Chelsea boots. Something simple, yet casual but elegant. 

genuine leather chelsea boots black women dress black 


In conclusion, combining Chelsea boots with an outfit is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. They are easy and practical, and you cannot go wrong with owning a pair or two; Chelsea boots are very versatile shoes that you can wear with many different outfits and in many different situations whether you are looking for a casual, elegant, timeless or any other style.


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-It is completely ok if the shoes feel tight at first as the Nubuck leather will stretch and mold around the feet for a great fit.
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Please order according to the following size guide:
MEN: The sizes currently available on our site are true to size.
If you are a US size Order this size
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